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Our copyright policy!
We strictly adhere to the copyright laws of the land. We protect our copyrighted images/graphics and content with our logo watermark. We expect users of the site to adhere to the copyright laws of the land. Any infringement or violation will be dealt with appropriate action.

How to report violation of copyrighted content on this site?
We purchase stock photography, images and graphics in bulk from Desk-Top Publishing (DTP) vendors and photographers. We verify each and every image/graphic, we purchase, using image search online. We try our best to eliminate copyrighted content. However, it is possible that some images/graphics/content/copyrighted-material may seep into our purchased content. Here are the steps we follow in case of any such violation you may find on our site:
  • We encourage you to report the violation immediately to our support number/email below.
  • We will remove the infringed/violated content immediately from our site.
  • We can optionally come to agreeable terms with the copyright owner, for us to continue using the content, by sharing our profits (up to 50% of the commission we earn on such specific content) with the owner. This way both the parties can profit from the use of such content. Owner of the copyright should prove his ownership to avail this opportunity.
How are paintings/digital-art created on this site?
We do not copy or use any image/graphic directly. We use our own colors, themes, ideas, traces, brushes, swatches and we paint/smudge using image editing tools with the image/graphic as a reference. Sample videos on how we create art on our site:

Sample Smudge Painting Video 1

Sample Smudge Painting Video 2

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