Help: How do I Purchase?
Step 1: Pay The Token Advance
A token advance amount is to be paid, in cash, in person, to the agent to create a sale. A sale code (8 alphabets, E.g: HFEKNQPJ) is generated by the system and is given to the client for purchasing any chosen painting @

Where do I find agents?

Step 2: Initiate The Process
After singing-up on, client selects the painting and chooses the size to purchase. Sale code is entered in the purchase page to initiate the process. Remaining payment is to be pre-paid to Aarvy via Google-Pay/UPI-App/Mobile-Wallet/Online-Transfer for us to initiate the purchase order. Purchase order is initiated only after the total payment is cleared.

NOTE! Token advance and the pre-paid amount are non-refundable! Sale code expires within 2 weeks from the date of token advance received. The client is obligated to make a purchase within this 2 weeks period.
You will be guided by Aarvy's Support personnel to complete the installation of the painting. It is an end-to-end process that takes up to 3 weeks to complete.

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