Help: Not Finding Agents?
Do I need an agent to purchase paintings?
Yes, Aarvy does not sell directly or online. All paintings are sold through agents only.

Why am I not finding agents in the search?
If you are not finding agents in the searched areas, that means we are not serving in your area.

Is there a way around to still purchase?
You must visit the nearest agent possible, and pay a token advance to create the sale of a painting.

Can Aarvy ship to a non-serving area if I pay for the additional shipping cost?
We will try our best to serve to non-serving areas if the additional shipping cost is paid by the client. However the additional cost will reflect in our invoice to you as "AddOnSale Cost". Such requests will be handled on a case by case basis. So, Please call Aarvy Support (Find Below) to discuss your purchase.

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