Help: Not Finding States/Cities/Towns/Villages?
Why am I not finding my state/city/town/village?
If you are not finding your state/city/town/village, that means we are not serving in your area.

Is there a way around to still purchase?
You must enter a valid address within the available states and cities and make your purchase. We will ship the painting to that address and you must take care of shipping from there to your state/city/town/village.

Can Aarvy ship to a non-serving state/city/town/village if I pay for the additional shipping cost?
We will try our best to serve to non-serving areas if the additional shipping cost is paid by the client. However the additional cost will reflect in our invoice to you as "AddOnSale Cost". Such requests will be handled on a case by case basis. So, Please call Aarvy Support (Find Below) to discuss your purchase.

To register a non-serving area address, you will need to enter your state/city/town/village in the Address Line2, and choose Other State, Other City/Town/Village in the select options.

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